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7 thoughts on “SKYPE SESSIONS are Discounted Now!- Register For Your Session before its FULL!

      1. Dear Rania, We will be glad to help you. Since you have an urgent case, register with our Skype Sessions and we will place you on top of our list as an emergency case.

        Thank you
        BT CREW


  1. Ahmed Abdelhadi

    i’m interesting in the training for my new Indian ring parrot that i purchased since 10 days as the seller told me it’s 4 months old, but he’s hard and don’t accept anyone to come near to him and always fly away, moreover I tried 3 days to train him in front of mirror but he always biting me even i tried to put honey.
    please contact me in case you ensure that we will win to tame him.


  2. Shelby

    i recently bought a 9 week old love bird (what appears to be madagascar from my guessing) and she is very nervous and just grumpy almost always now. It wasnt always that way as when i got her up until i clipped her wings two weeks after, its as if she is a totally different bird. She likes cuddling but i think thats only because shes able to hide when cuddling. Otherwise she is steady trying to make her way back towards where her cage is, and we never had any aggression whatsoever from her until the wing clipping. I dont know what to do


    1. Welcome to the bird tameness community, thank you for getting in touch with us. I understand the problem you are having with your bird and I will be more than happy to assist you with this. Training a bird wherever it comes from requires time, patience and consistency and With our VIP Video Section, you will receive access to a Secret Training System which will definitely help ease those difficulties and train your bird in absolutely NO TIME!!! Always there to help with your concerns.

      Website Admin


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