Many Bird lovers have been constantly requesting Live Training Sessions and our Top Trainers have been personally Skyping a lot of bird lovers facing several problems with their birds and for those who did its amazing how your bird relationship has transformed and the Progress you have done!
This Summer, Bird Tameness aims to help the largest Amount of Bird lovers possible, Our aim is to reach 3.5M people and this is why we decided to DISCOUNT our Skype live sessions from $ 20 USD to $11.99 USD only in order to help as much people as possible and make a bigger difference in the world.
Time is running out!….
ONLY 28 Skype Session Packages left for the discounted price !, If you’re a bargain hunter + a bird owner, then this will probably be your LAST CHANCE to save a lot of money on professionals out there !.
Go get a skype session package for this limited price on
(Note that the pricing of the sessions goes towards raising awareness to animals and rescuing birds/dogs)

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