As a Celebration of christmas, checkout our Discounts, our whole website was Updated!. Here are the Updates:

VIP membership section was reconstructed and changed and it is  now named VIP Video Section. We are now offering a Secret Powerful Training System for all bird trainers showing  exactly how to tame your bird from scratch with articles, step by step videos and Exclusive videos from some of our experts available only to those registered for VIP Video Section. 

Our Skype sessions are completely different!. They are not anymore offered by many experts and are not anymore Q&A. They  offer Exclusive One-on-One Skype session with Animal Activist hani only and those who have registered before, the structure has changed:  It is now a 1-on-1 live coaching with Hani where he will be analyzing the problem and immediately doing an Intensive training session through video!.

After analyzing all our suggestion box, requests on our “Contact us” page we decided to meet all your needs at our best; therefore, we changed the whole website.

Our other sections have also been changed and edited and the packages have changed for the celebration of christmas.

Go Grab your packages now at those great deals (LIMITED Time)


4 thoughts on “

  1. Rhonda Varon

    I just checked out the VIP page and could not find what it cost to be a VIP member for one year. Could you please let me know the cost of being a VIP member for one year. Thank you.


    1. Dear Rhonda,

      Welcome to the Bird Tameness community, thank you for getting in touch with us. We are so glad that you are now a VIP member which will give all the information and secret steps needed to take care of birds.

      Website Admin


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