13.7 Million Birds die every single day as researched by

998 Million birds die a year as found by

This is NOT Acceptable and most of us see this and sit helplessly!. Parrot Whisperer stood up with his heart and words to support the birds and to raise awareness towards birds and animals to reduce this number!.

Out of the 4000 people on this page only a few will react to this post and take action. Please do not just sit there, help us make a difference, stand next to Parrot Whisperer’s lead and support Bird Tameness’ cause of helping the birds and animals.

This year we aim to rescue as many birds as we can and we CANNOT do it without YOUR help!. Every 1$ counts!. Every person who sees this post and walks by is making a choice, a choice to decrease the chances a bird can live today.

Please help us make a difference, watch this video and click the link in the description to help us make a difference today.

Be the reason we build a better bird community.
If you do donate, you will receive rewards and a special thank you email from Parrot Whisperer and Bird Tameness. If not, we thank you for taking the time to read this post 🙂

~ Bird Tameness Team


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