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18 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. MJ

    Hello, I’ve been watching your YouTube channel and learned a few things about cocktails. Anyway, I have one but I can’t seem to get him to behave. I’ve tried to follow your advice on how to tame him but he won’t respond. Ever since I bought him, he has been biting me and grinding his beak. When I try to train him to step up he moves away from me. He is less active than what I’ve seen and eats nothing but seeds. I’ve tried to give him fruits and vegetables and other types of seeds coated with vitamins but he won’t eat them. What should I do?
    Please help.


  2. myra

    Hellot there
    I love watching your videos
    they are so helpful and amazing to watch
    I am getting a budgie soon and your videos are amazing to follow and to work with
    also is it necessary to cut your budgies nails
    thanks you and keep uploading


  3. junaid

    hi. i buy one new cockateil age about 4-5 month. it is my first experience. he/she is very scary and didn’t even speak something since i get him home. help me..!


    1. Try lettin the bird exit the cage himself, his cage is his home and I wouldn’t like getting taken out if my home so I don’t think they like it too let them exit alone or persist to keep trying, whenever he allows you to touch him just give him and treat and say good girl/boy. Then progress slowly! Go slowly and progress slowly, things don’t happen overnight 🙂

      Hope this helped!


  4. Sam

    Hello, I have watched your videos and it said that you shouldn’t train your bird in its cage, so I tried taking it out of its cage and I picked it up and it got mad and it bit me. I got it yesterday and it is still scared of me. Now it is even more scared of me. Plz plz plz plz help I really don’t know what to do and don’t want my bird to be afraid of me. Plz reply as soon as possible.


  5. ruqaiya habib

    my birds don’t even want to come out of their cage and i don’t know what their favourite treat is .second i watched your video of how to get your bird tamed in one day but it didn’t help because they are just sooooooooooooooooooooooo scared.


    1. Hi there, we understand the problem you are facing and we would be more than happy to assist you. Since you are facing a lot of troubles taming your bird. We would highly recommend, you get started with our Secret Bird Training system which is an intensive powerful bird training system prepared by our experts and Parrot Whisperer to tame and train your bird or, you can also have a 1-ON-1 Bird Training Session with Parrot Whisperer himself to get your birds tamed and trained!. Checkout Bird Training sessions tab on our website for more info!. Looking forward to assist you ~The Bird Tameness Team


  6. My two parakeets are a little skittish, and try to run away from me, they do let me pick them up and they have learned to step up, what do I half to do to make them less skittish.


  7. Anna

    I have a parakeet. I was hoping for some advice. She lets me hold her sometimes and eats out of my hand, but she bites me and won’t let me take her out of her cage. Also, when I pet her in this one spot on her back, she makes a deep weird mix between purring and growling. She is skittish around me, but always eats out of my hand so I don’t know what to do to help her be more comfortable with me. Help please!


  8. Thea

    Hey! I am facing a choice of bird, or no bird. I’ve always loved birds, and It’s the one pet I dreamed of getting since I was little. At this point I have made two attempts, but, I have to accept the fact that I am allergic to bird dust. The first attempt was ‘tiels and the second was doves. Now I am looking at eclectus, and wonder If you people could confirm If they would actually work out, allergy wise? I also, of course, never really had the opportunity to accumulate a lot of experience, and I have understood eclectus isn’t a great beginners bird… would you agree? Are they too high difficulty to even think of?


    1. Hi !. Welcome to the #1 Bird Training community. We would be happy to help you out. For questions not related to our Bird Training Packages, please visit our Facebook Page : Bird Tameness Inc. or our Youtube channel: Parrot Whisperer where a Specizlized bird trainer will better assist you 🙂 ~ BT Website Team


  9. Thomas

    Hi. I’ve seen many of your youtube videos and just located your site when searching on google for bird trainers. I was wondering if this was a service you still offered and when the soonest availability you have as I’m considering giving this a try. I recently got a lovebird(3 months old) a week ago and although I am giving him the time he needs to adjust, I think we could both benefit from some professional advice.


    1. Hey Thomas ! Thank you for writing to us. Yes, all of our Bird Training packages are available and been so for the last 5 years.

      We take pride in our services, and in offering our bird lovers the very best in consultation and coaching. Through quality bird Training sessions, house bird training services, bird training systems, exclusive hands-on coaching videos and many more quality training services. Get help for your Bird from one of our Specialized Professional Bird Trainers. He/she will analyze your Bird training struggle in detail, suggest a Powerful, effective bird training plan and work with you Step-by-Step to Tame and train your very own bird. Everything is on a 30% off as a celebration of Halloween. We will be happy to change the relationship between you and your lovebird ! Further details on the session dates and timings, as well as, the availabilities will be provided after the order is complete. We have many experts so the wait time is a maximum of 48 hours ! ~ Bird Tameness Team


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