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House Bird Training Services

  • > 125 People enrolled in a 1-on-1 Skype Bird Training session with Parrot Whisperer
  • > 44,000 Bird Lovers have subsribed to Parrot Whisperer
  • > 7,700,000 people watch Parrot Whisperer
  • > 30 People registered for the BT Secret Bird Training System

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House Bird Training services are live consultation services where our most experienced Professional Bird Trainer, The Parrot Whisperer visits you on a consultation session, houseyyyyanalyzes your problem, offers solutions and works hands-on with you and your bird(s) in an Instructional manner. Depending on your bird training struggle/problem, the number of sessions will vary accordingly.

Here are the services Bird Tameness offers. Firstly, if you would like a consultation session (regular/extra) solely, we offer consultation sessions, where Parrot Whisperer analyzes your problem, asks questions and offers a Powerful, Step-by-Step written solution for you to work on yourself with your pet bird(s) in your Bird Training!. Secondly, if you would like Parrot Whisperer to work on your bird with you throughout the sessions, which is far more powerful and effective, then you can choose the House consultation packages (regular/extra). Regular includes disciplining, introduction to bird training ( familiarizing with the environment, going in and out of the cage, step-up, target trick…etc. as well as, intermediate bird training such as shake head…etc), whereas the extra includes everything a regular has with the addition of Advanced bird training which will include more advanced tricks that Parrot Whisperer will work with you to teach your bird efficiently !.

How many sessions does each House Bird Training Package offer?

~Unlimited, we do not charge on sessions. It can vary from 1 week-3 months. We simply want to better the lifestyle of your bird and enhance the relationship between you and your feathered friend!.

Here are some of the things Parrot Whisperer deals with in House Bird Training Sessions.

  • Bird Taming
  • Introduction to Bird Training
  • Intermediate Bird Training
  • Advanced Bird Training
  • Fighting with other Birds and Parrots in the family
  • Aggression toward people
  • Biting
  • Screaming
  • Problems with older Birds
  • Feather-Plucking issues
  • Fear and anxiety issues
*currently offered in Montreal, Quebec only *

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