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Bird Tameness inc. was founded on December 13, 2013.  “Parrot Whisperer,” who is a professional bird trainer and animal activist, joined shortly after. His motivation to help was based on having personally witnessed the harsh realities of birds that were not only tossed in the garbage but also needlessly euthanized, mistreated, neglected and abandoned. According to ASPCA statistics, 13.7 million birds die every day in the US. Each year approximately 649,000 abandoned or stray pets enter shelters, and 2.7 million are euthanized. With the progress of a modern, civilized culture, this is absolutely unacceptable.

Bird Tameness Inc. began out of high demand for expert guidance and training for a variety of birds, including parrots. Together, we proudly offer a selection of specialized ‘taming and training’ services for your feathered friends that are both hands-on and with a professional. This training is an opportunity that enhances the lifestyle of your companion pet and improves the quality of the relationship that you share with them.

We take pride in our services while offering our bird lovers the very best in consultation and coaching. You have access to everything from quality bird training sessions over Skype, to a visit to your own home, or even benefit from our “Secret Bird Training System” featuring exclusive hands-on coaching videos. We do everything we can to help struggling bird lovers and aspiring bird trainers, and we want to hear from you! Please, take a look at the site, and do not hesitate in requesting our helpful bird training services, because that is why we are here! Our goal is to raise awareness and spread knowledge by educating bird lovers globally with our useful and up-to-date training tricks and techniques.


Before the world knew him as the Parrot Whisperer, Hani Hallal started off as a 14-year-old with a hopeful wish to care for what would be his very own first bird: a cockatiel named Cody. What Hani didn’t know at the time was that this little bird was the first of many who would not only find a home with him, but also a safe and needed escape.

When walking into Sharjah, a neglected pet market in Dubai, UAE to pick out the small friend he dreamed of, Hani saw the realities of the animal industry first-hand. This market is recognized nation-wide for its low-cost birds and parrots that are forced to live in unconscionably small, overcrowded and filthy cages. It was abundantly clear to young Hani that something very wrong was being permitted. Beyond the distinct, memorable smell, the neglected, feather-covered floors were greedily used as a platform for presenting countless distressed, frazzled creatures. A sense of justice and compassion grew within Hani.

With having being taught love and respect for all living things, and considering Hani’s young age when walking into that market, an impactful moment occurred that led to 10 years of working toward the kind of difference that these fragile creatures need. Hani walked away with more than just a cockatiel that day; he brought with him the motivation it took to rescue and find homes for other birds like Cody.

As Hani has shown, sometimes the world changes you, and sometimes, in return, you change the world.

To date, Hani’s rescues reach all over Canada, while he globally assists hundreds of loving bird owners in training and better connecting with their winged creatures. Hani specializes in the body language of birds and has experience with 14 different species.

To become the Parrot Whisperer, Hani learned in the best way possible; from a loving study of the birds themselves. He gained the experience and know-how with the use of respect and empathy in regards to these complex life-forms.

The Parrot Whisperer’s intuitive approach assists with birds exhibiting negative behaviours such as biting, screaming, feather-plucking, and the acting out that comes with separation anxiety. NEGATIVE behaviours are successfully changed into GOOD and positively reinforced conduct that builds the relationships we share with these incredible creatures.

Hani has appeared on numerous television news interviews where he works to raise the awareness that is so sorely needed. The Parrot Whisperer speaks out for these birds and reaches out to those who are likeminded and willing to contribute to the difference he is making.

Today, Hani creates and offers personable, educational, and easy to follow videos on taming and training your bird with the use of a particular approach that is effective with all parrots, no matter their age or traumatic history.

A quote from our very own Parrot Whisperer reads, “It is all about showing love to your bird and instilling proper behaviour. The foundation is trust and mutual respect.”

(This text about Parrot Whisperer was written and edited by Melissa C. Water)


Due to a rapidly growing demand for affordable, quality, bird supplies, including toys and helpful tools, Bird Tameness Inc. formed their very own Online Pet Supplies Shop that fills that need with products with shipping that is FREE-of-charge to anywhere in the world. The reason we can do this is thanks to our partnership with Bird Tameness Inc. who kindly support our movement.

What is our movement?

Because we are committed to changing the lives of as many mistreated, abandoned and neglected birds as possible, all funds go towards future rescues. The proceeds are also used toward empowering our community in continuing to raise awareness. The supplies that contribute to this cause include all the other items in our Pet Supplies Shop, such as gadgets, home & kitchen supplies, beauty supplies, electronics and so much more.

Each one of our pet supplies are hand-picked and designed from scratch by Bird Tameness’ Pet Supplies Team. The design and ingenuity of these products are based on convenience and ease of use. Bird Tameness’ pet supplies are tested and critiqued by Parrot Whisperer’s birds. They are the harshest and most reliable judges whose approval is required in order for us to offer the products you find here!

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2 thoughts on “About us

  1. marina

    hi i saw that u do skype calls with bird owners to help them. i have a couple questions i think you could help me with. i’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. hopefully you can help


    1. Hello Marina!

      We would be happy to assist you! Yes, Bird Tameness does offer Online Bird Training Sessions which over 350 Bird owners have registered for! For more information about Skype Bird Training sessions, please visit the section labeled “Online Bird Training Sessions” or our “Ultimate Package” Section. If you have any further questions, we would be more than happy to help out !

      Serving Bird Lovers Globally 🕊🌎❤️

      Bird Tameness Team


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