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BT’s Skype Bird Training Sessions


With Our Skype Sessions, you get to go on a one-on-one Intensive, Powerful, Live Bird Training with one of our Top Professional Bird Trainers.

We believe in taking initiative to help spread the knowledge to so many struggling bird owners out there.

521 Bird Lovers up to date (April 16, 2018) that registered with Bird Tameness’ Skype Bird Training sessions have claimed that this will save you the effort of spending tons of money on new birds, endless Training DVD’S, trick-training books and so much more!


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What will your session consist of?

Every bird lover has 2 options. 1) To Skype our Top Professional Bird Expert & Animal Activist, Parrot Whisperer or 2) To Skype any of our other Professional Bird Experts (which may be Parrot Whisperer if the rest of the bird experts are fully booked). The first Skype Bird Training Session will be a “consultation session” where your Chosen Specialized Bird Expert will be analyzing your bird training struggle, suggesting a solution and setting up a step-by-step bird training plan to actively solve your bird training or behavioral issues. The rest of the sessions will be theory and demonstration-based where your Chosen Specialized Bird Expert will work with you to Tame & Train your bird or solve other behavioral issues on live video.


Meet our Professional Bird Experts:

1) Skype session with our Top Professional Bird Expert & Animal Activist, “Parrot Whisperer”:

1. Parrot Whisperer  

“Parrot Whisperer” has 10 years of hands-on experience with over 14 bird species including canaries, Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Rosellas, Quaker parrots, Red-rump parrots, Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Caiques, Senegals, Conures, African Greys, Amazons, Galahs, Blue-head Pionus parrots and cockatoos, our Professional Bird Expert, Parrot Whisperer, will be analyzing your problem, structuring a Powerful Bird training plan and working with you through Live video on taming & training your bird in absolutely no time! Whisperer has Skyped over 317 bird owners and helped tackle down their bird training struggles. Whisperer is a master of reading a bird’s body language and is a behavioral bird specialist. That is, he has dealt with hundreds of birds that have been rescued from traumatizing situations and exhibit bad behaviors such as biting, screaming, feather-plucking and separation anxiety. Whisperer successfully changes those BAD behaviors into GOOD behaviors that are positively reinforced. Additionally, Whisperer is an expert at understanding positive & negative reinforcement, and ignorance as powerful bird training tools to Tame & Train a bird and to deal with biting. Whisperer says “I am absolutely dedicated to helping as many bird owners as possible to succeed in their bird training. I believe that it is possible to tame and train any bird no matter what age, trauma or situation they have been in. I have dealt with so many birds over the last decade that have been in various situations and behavioral mindsets. I know i have what it takes to help solve your bird training issues.”

2) Skype session with any of our other Professional Bird Experts:

With over 5 years of hands-on-experience with over 10 bird species including Budgies, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Rosellas, Conures, Quaker parrots, Caiques, Senegals, Ringnecks, African Greys, Amazons, Pionus Parrots, Cockatoos and Macaws, one of our Professional Bird experts will analyzing your problem, structuring a Powerful Bird training plan and working with you through Live video on taming & training your bird in absolutely no time!

Your session can be with any of the following experts:

2. James Adlam

“James adlam” has just over 5 years of bird experience with dealing with 7 bird species including Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Senegals, Conures, Pionus parrots, African Greys and Macaws.  He has Skyped over 70 bird owners and helped them with their bird training struggles. Adlam states “Training birds is never easy, it takes time, a lot of patience and commitment. I love to help aspiring bird owners out there to achieve all their bird training needs and solve their bird training struggles.”

3. Ashley Miller 

“Ashley miller ” has 7 years of bird experience with dealing with over 5 species of birds including Budgies, Lovebirds, African Greys, Cockatoos and Macaws. She has has Skyped over 100 struggling bird owners and helped solve their bird training issues. She specializes with behavioral issues including biting, screaming and feather-plucking. Miller mentions “I love to share my passion of taming & training birds to the world. I enjoy watching new bird owners achieve progresses in bird training and i am committed to help as many bird owners as possible.”

4. Dave Stange

“Dave Stange” has 8 years of experience with dealing with 9 bird species including budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, rosellas, conures, caiques, ringnecks, amazons and macaws. He has skyped over 100 bird owners and helped them understand their bird training needs and building blocks that is stopping them from being able to progress in bird training. Stange is a master of reading a bird’s body language and understanding a bird. He has been actively successful in changing a lot of bird owners’ negative bird behaviors and turning them into positive behaviors. This includes biting, separation anxiety, feather-plucking and so much more. Stange argues “I am a master of reading a bird’s body language and i am more than willing to help educate as many bird owners as i can on how they can understand their birds and read their bird’s body language to have a successful, healthy relationship between them and their birds.”

What are my options ?!

We have 3 different packages to suit your convenience. The “Simple Bird Training package,” the “Weekend Bird Training package” and the “Premium Bird Training package.” Our most demanded & recommended package is the “Weekend Package” where your Chosen Professional Bird Expert, will take you through a 3 day- 1 hour per day– Powerful, Intensive Bird Training Session that will train your bird from scratch to achieving your full needs!

Scroll to the very bottom to register…

Some of the bird lovers with their birds after BT’s Skype Bird Training Sessions:


Scroll to the very bottom to register…

Your Birds are our Priority!

Rhonda Varon

“My Cockatiel Bird, Jacob, would not come out of his cage for 5 years before the Ultimate Package, The Ultimate package exceeded my expectations, Jacob now listens to me and steps up on my arm on command which I never expected. Jacob has improved greatly because I can now enjoy holding him on my arm and even having him sit on my shoulder and he doesn’t scream as much as he use to, he’s out of his cage and he’s happier then ever before. I would definitely recommend the Ultimate Package to any one struggling with taming their bird/parrot. It will really help. Thank you SO SO much Bird Tameness and Parrot Whisperer.”


Aarav Kumar
I took the Weekend Skype Bird Training package with Parrot Whisperer as i was really struggling with my African grey “smoke,” Smoke was a big biter and by big, i mean he draws a lot of blood. Any contact with him would always involve a BIG FAT bite or even a chew on your skin until it bleeds. He did step-up, but every time he did, there was a big bite. My family where all terrified of him and this was not what i had planned for when i decided to get a parrot, so i decided to do a lot of research and i bought DVD of training. I applied all the tips and followed the videos with no luck at all. I then decided to buy a bird training book from another bird trainer and that did not even work. I became so frustrated and desperate for help that i decided to research more and more. I then saw a segment of Parrot Whisperer on tv (i think it was CBC or something) and decided to give those skype sessions a shot. After 3 intensive sessions with Parrot Whisperer in 1 month, my African grey has stopped biting altogether, he now steps-up and listens to all my commands and i learned a hell lot about birds. I am eternally thankful for Parrot Whisperer’s amazing coaching and excellent bird training that changed smoke’s life. My family is so happy to now spend time with smoke and i cannot THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH. I love you all and i recommend this to any struggling bird owner ❤ ❤
pic 30
Denis Newton
Hello, a little bit about myself,
My name is denis newton and i have a family of 6. I work as a plumber and i love my job. I was always raised with small birds like budgies and lovebirds, and not having a bird as part of a family was odd so i decided to add a new family member which was a cockatoo i found on craiglist. Prior to this cockatoo i had no experience whatsoever with anything besides lovebirds and budgies and i was promised by the owner that the cockatoo is very tame and gentle. I was so excited because having a cockatoo always seemed so special when i watched those Youtube videos of cockatoo owners. When i went to visit the cockatoo, the owner had him on his hand and he was petting the cockatoo so as you would expect, i was very happy and brought him home and here is where the tables turned.
As soon as i tried to have the cockatoo step on my hand, he caught my hand with his beak and started chewing very aggressively. The floor was filled with blood and i was terrified. I kept my kids away from him as naturally i did not want him to hurt them. One day, he decided to go out all by himself and i tried to get him to step-up- i built the courage to do so. As soon as i did, he actually stepped-up to my surprise but then jumped on the floor so fast and ran after my two daughters legs and started biting them. My wife started screaming and the kids were screaming and it was a big disaster. After that occassion, i never let him out for 4 years as we were absolutelt terrified of him,
I knew this was not right and was not a lifestyle for a bird so i decided to seek help. This is when i found Bird Tameness’ skype sessions and decided to give the weekend package a try. My bird trainer was Parrot Whisperer and he was so nice, clear and understanding. It seemed like he read my whole mind ! hahaha. He analyzed my problem and set up this plan that he called a “Bird Training Plan” and we worked on that for a set of 3 weeks. After 3 weeks i began to see so much progress with my cockatoo that i have never seen in the 4 years that i have had him. My cockatoo was stepping-up, not biting (as he taught me how to counter that) and he was sitting on my shoulder. I was literally blown away by the massive progress i was making. Week 4 he started letting me pet him. Week 5, he started getting used to my daughters. I literally have no words. I am so so so so so so so so so so so so thankful to Parrot Whisperer and Bird Tameness. Without you guys, this cockatoo would have been locked up for the rest of his life. You are blessed miracles and my entire family thanks you ! 😀
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Alyvia Hubbard

 I took the Weekend skype bird training package with Ashley miller. Ashley was super informative, helpful and very experienced. I owned a 13 year old macaw that was plucking for a year. She had been plucking since i started working with my new job which required me to travel once every month for a week. I had been researching and researching multiple ways to stop her from biting but nothing has worked until i found those skype sessions. Ashley guided me through the best techniques on how to stop her from biting. Through trial and error we found the best ways that work and we implemented those and IT WORKED !!! I am so so thankful and grateful for ashley, because of her i no longer have to worry about travelling and all my macaws feathers grew back (this is after a year of implementing) the process. I am very grateful that those sessions exist and i am so thankful to Bird Tameness for helping change my beautiful bird’s life ❤ 

 pic 36

Melany Mcbride

Hi there ! My name is Melany Mcbride and i took Bird Tameness’ Premium skype package because i was struggling with a newly added family member: My GCC. On April 20, 2014 Bella flew into my balcony window. I posted advertisements of her everywhere for months hoping to find her owner but nothing worked, she seemed to have escaped from somewhere. I fell in love with her immediately and decided to become her mommy. I bought her lots of toys, a big cage and wanted her to be the happiest. She seemed to be very happy but i did not feel close to her. I tried time and time to have her step-up on my hand but she always was very scared and would run away. If i changed her food, she would flap around like crazy all around the cage and i felt horrible. I decided to seek help and this is when I found BT’s skype sessions. I was trained by Ashley miller who was so nice, sweet and understanding. She taught me exactly what to do and set up a bird training plan me. Fast forward 4 weeks later, my GCC is tamed, she accepts cuddles and she is learning tricks. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THIS and it puts me to tears of joy !!! I am really thankful to Ashley and Bird Tameness altogether for their Skype bird training sessions as they have been extremely informative and helpful. God bless your souls 🙂 ❤

pic 29

Lia Shelton

I found Bird Tameness’ skype sessions really helpful. My bird trainer was Parrot Whisperer and he was such a sweetheart. I rescued my African Grey “Taco” from an owner who had passed away and could no longer be there for him. He was very affectionate to her and cuddly. Since he stepped foot into my house, he has been biting, growling and he does not want to do anything with me. I had no idea what to do and i had given up hope on him for 6 years until i found Bird Tameness. When i found bird tameness, i decided to follow Parrot Whisperer’s Youtube videos but i needed more than that. I needed guidance on where or how to start training Taco so i decided to order the Weekend Package. After 2 months of implementing all the steps mentioned by Parrot Whisperer, to this day i am SHOCKED with the progress. Taco now has bonded with me, steps-up, steps-down and accepts being petted. He agrees for me to give him head-scratches and he trusts me. How awesome is that !!! I am forever grateful to Bird Tameness and especially to Parrot Whisperer for being so so informative and caring. I strongly recommend those sessions for every struggling bird owner out there !

pic 34


Hadassah Hartman

I had my amazon for 8 years and he was really sweet and gentle when i first got him until he went through his maturity stage where he started biting, growling and being extremely aggressive and cage territorial. I did not know what to do so i tried training him and he just got worse and worse. He started becoming really possessive of his cage and everything in it that he would not let me change his food and it was a daily struggle. I then decided to search for help and i found Bird Tameness’ skype sessions. I took the weekend skype bird training package because i felt it would be best for me. Parrot Whisperer was the person who coached me and words cannot describe how sweet, loving and genuinely interested he is in helping train people’s birds. 3 weeks into the skype bird training sessions and my amazon now is miraculously back to his old sweet, cuddly self that he was when i first got him. Parrot Whisperer showed me how i can transform those negative bad temporary behaviors into positive permanent good behaviors and the process was so simple that i COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES. I am now extremely stoked for my last session in order to teach my amazon tricks ! Thank you so very much Parrot Whisperer and the whole Bird Tameness Expert Team for helping me Tame my Amazon and get back his old self ❤ :* Here is a picture of him with my son.

pic 9

Matteo Archer

Hello, my name is matteo and i am a proud owner of a Caique parrot. My relationship with this caique was not the best over the last 2 years. He always hated me since the day i got him and didn’t want anything to do with me or my wife. I decided to buy a bird training book that i found online ( not from Bird Tameness) and follow all the steps. I followed each and every step and read through the whole book but i always found myself stuck on something and could not move on to the next step. I regret buying that book and plus it was SO EXPENSIVE. I then found BT’s skype sessions and decided to give it a final shot before i lost hope and man oh man how grateful and thankful i am to have tried this. I took the weekend package with James Adlam and after 4 weeks of implementing exactly what i was told to do, my caique finally stepped up on my finger and is now so accepting of me. Wait for it…that’s not all. He now flies to me on command from one room to the other as soon as i call him and this is all thanks to the amazing james adlam for his coaching and training and love for birds. I strongly recommend those sessions to any bird owner that is having issues with their birds. It WILL truly change your bird’s life !


pic 19

Aman khan

Hello everyone, I am Aman Khan and today i want to talk about my experience with Bird Tamness skype session. I order the weekend package because i felt it would be good for me. I had a lovebird for 1 year and she would stay in her cage all day everyday not going out. I try to tame her but no success only biting biting biting. I then make some research on my computer and found these sessions. i decided to give it a try and it was with the Parrot Whisper. Parrot Whisper was very nice man, very good boy and very helpful. After 2 weeks of listening to his tips and implementing on bird, my lovebird is now fully trained, goes up on my hand, goes on my shoulder and doesn’t fly away. I am BIG BIG BIG Thankful to Bird Tamness and Parrot Whisper for amazing work with me. I recommend this to all friends out there who have problem with bird.

pic 25

Kolten Moses

Hi, my name is Kolten and i wanted to voice my opinion of Bird Tameness’ Skype sessions. A little background…

I got rosy when she was 4 months old and it was love on first sight. I was absolutely happy with her and we enjoyed an excellent relationship together until i got Burno. When i got out of university and started working, i felt that rosy by herself would be so bored and lonely so that is when i started doing my research into getting another galah. Here in Australia, galahs are so easy to find and i found a 4 year old galah that was owned by this owner who severely neglected him and wanted to give him away. Being a galah mother, i did not think twice and decided to adopt burno from the owner.

Burno was a completely different bird. He did step-up and sit on my shoulder but was not exactly trained. He was very scared of objects and other people. He would especially bite when he wanted something that was far from his reach or when he went to bed and he did not feel like sleeping. Burno really affected my relationship with rosy as he became extremely loving to her and she started imitating his behaviour incpluding all the negative behaviors he did such as screaming early mornings, not eating fruits, running after legs and biting them and biting when they wanted something. I was so desperate and sad, i did not know what to do or how can i get both my old rosy back and have bruno tamed so i decided so seek help from Bird Tameness as i had been following them for years.

My bird trainer that coached me was “Parrot Whisperer.” Parrot Whisperer took a lot of time to understanding my problem and learning about he background of my birds. He was very careful about the details and very clear about what we wanted to achieve. We worked together for 2 months on the weekend skype package and from week 1 i was so surprised to see progress with bruno which in turn affected rosy too in a positive way. Week 2 i started being able to calm down both the biting and the screaming. Week 3 we worked on building trust and what Parrot Whisperer called ” a well-structured bond.” Week 4 i was able to stop bruno from running around toes and biting when he wanted something.  Week 8 i am so so grateful and thankful to Parrot Whisperer as i was able to get my old loving rosy back and not only that but also, bruno is now another loving bird that i am so proud to have. I cannot thanks Parrot Whisperer and bird tameness enough for how they have impacted my life, bruno’s life and rosy’s life. I am really now a proud mum of two galahs that love me as much as i love them. Here is a photo of us now. Love you guys so much and this exceeded my expectations.


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  2. sophia

    EMERGENCY! I have 2 eastern rosellas and are really scared of me, they are used to my voise but not me ! they fly around the cage when I go near them:( im scared cause I dont want my birds to get hurt, please help me!


    1. EMERGENY! I have 2 eastern rosellas that are really scared of me , they are used to my voice but not me, they fly around the cage whenever I go near them…..please help me


      1. Hi charlple. Thank you for getting in touch with us. Our Bird Training Sessions are charged due to 1) we get many orders and requests and cannot favor one person over the other 2) those funds go towards rescuing birds and animals and building our community. We would love to assist you and help you tame and train your bird. Since your very young and eager to tame your bird and we love to see young passionate bird lovers. We would love to assist you. Go ahead and complete your order once bird tameness emails you, make sure to use “CHARLPLEPWOFF” which will give you a 40% off!. We look forward to assist you!


    1. Dear Abdulla,

      We currently offer “Order A Professional” Tab where you can order a professional to come to your house to offer expert guidance to Tame & Train your bird or we also offer Quality Live coaching Sessions in order to utilize all your needs and answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to ask us more as we re here to help!.


      1. Mishaal

        Could you please post the link in your reply for the “Order a professional”. I live in Dubai, UAE and I am interested in your taming package for birds. I have an additional question as well: I am currently only 14 year old and was wondering if you guys have a small discount for smaller birds such as budgies? If that is not the case that is alright, I would still appreciate a link for the order a professional. Thanks.


      2. Heya Mishaal,

        Jessica here from Bird Tameness Inc. I’d be more than happy to answer your questions. All of our packages are currently on a discount but we can offer you a 10% off and waive the taxes for being a First Time Bird Lover. How does that sound to you ? 😉🐣

        Also to register, please visit an scroll to the very bottom ! After you register, we will send you a detailed email with an invoice with the 10% deducted

        Hope this answers your question Mishaal

        Many thanks,
        Bird Tameness Inc.
        Email us:


    1. Dear Rafael, welcome to our site, Great that your Interested in our Training sessions. These days its on highest demand among other Sections!. Simply visit the skype session section and choose your package then click Submit. Our BT Customer Service will receive your order, Process it and Email you shortly with the Payment methods and details.


    1. Dear Rafael,

      Welcome to Bird Tameness. We have now a discount for the first 20 people to register for our Sessions for only 16$. Simply choose your package in the section named Skype Sessions. Click Submit, and we will email you all the details with an invoice from PayPal.


  3. Henry

    Is their anyway I can use the Skype service and pay afterwards? It may sound like a silly question but I want to make sure my birds are able to be tamed whilst using this service.


    1. Dear Henry, Welcome to Bird Tameness Inc. We will be Happy to assist you with your question. We understand your concern,we assure you tht we offer quality Sessions from Sophisticated Trainers that have changed several Bird Lovers’ relationship with their pets and some of the live trending comments are displayed in our page. After contacting our service dispach we have resulted to mutual suggestion which is a 50% payment before and 50 % payment after. However, we do not offer this regularly but we will be happy to assist you and make a difference in your birds’ relationship!. Simply proceed by choosing your package and an email will be sent to you from our BT Crew.- Admin


    1. Dear Haris, how are you doing. Welcome to our site, Since your IRN is a baby and you would like to tame him, its best to tame a bird from a young age so we would highly recommend you get Super Effective Training from our Experts. Several Bird owners wait until their bird grows and they postpone the training and when the bird becomes over a year they struggle taming it !. This is why its best to discipline a bird from young age. Therefore, we would certainly highly recommend you Register for our Skype Training Sessions which will help you tame and train your bird very easily and effectively !. – BT ADMIN


    1. Dear Jonas, Welcome to our site, the one day pack is 1 session which is a 50 Minute effective training session which means that in 50 minutes you get very effective Instructional Training where one of our Expert Trainers will analyse your problem, propose a solution and start working effectively with that solution to ensure success as well as follow up with you after that session. On the other hand, the follow up package is stretched package where the training is stretched on three days for people who prefer so and has more advanced training too as well as a follow up through a system of training. As for our Mastery kit and other advanced kits they have much more advanced features that we can explain if you wish to know more :). We would definitely recommend you to try out our sessions especially that they are now discounted which can be to your advantage, several people have had great progress after those sessions !Hope this answers your question- BT Admin


  4. Tyron

    Hi I got an African grey last week he talks away on top of his cage and preens when I get close but as soon as I try touching him he tries to nip me.the previous owner could hold him play with him etc but I can’t get near him. I have tried doing the step up but he flies away as soon as I put the stick near him.
    Could you help ?


  5. Andrew

    Dear Hani, pls pls pls I beg you tell me if I can train a fully grown budgies without cutting its wings pls pls I can’t do the skype session because my parents said no😖 Pls pls answer me


  6. Regina

    I recently received a young female parakeet as an early Christmas gift. I already had two male English budgies named Sam and Ella( It’s a pun because when you say Sam’n Ella it sounds like salmonella). So far, all of my efforts to train the new parakeet, Snowdrop, have been in vain, in fact I believe that anything I have done so far may have even convinced her that I was bad. Even when I was trying to let Snowdrop out of the carrier box from the store, she managed to escape the cage and get hurt. I understand that Snowdrop is young, scared, confused, and now hurt, but I do not understand how I can work through this without her being hurt again. Unfortunately I am only a 13 year old girl with no power in safe proofing the house, so that is already a problem. I might be able to safe proof my room, but even still, I don’t know how. When the bird escaped the cage the first time, I observed that her wings were clipped. She hit everything: the window, the walls, the piano, the bookcase, and even when she was on the ground panting, she still tried to fly when I calmly approached her. Her nostril was bloody, and a few weeks later, when her nostril was healed, I saw that she was missing a back claw. I do not know if the missing claw was the result of the flying, or something she had when at the store. I have attempted to have her step onto my hand multiple times after this, but have failed each time. At no point did I ever see her limping or in pain, but I do know that birds will act okay even if they are not. I know this fact because a few weeks prior to receiving Snowdrop, Ella became extremely sick and collapsed with a 50/50 chance of dying. My parents would not pay for the 1,000 dollar intensive care, so we nursed Ella back to health at home, with twice a day visits to the vet for feeding that still costed hundreds of dollars. This is the reason that my parents are unwilling to spend any more money on the birds, and this is the reason that I need help, not with money, but with instructions to ensure the birds health and happiness. As I said before, I am only 13, and I am confused on how to sign up for VIP or Skype sessions electronically. I know that if I get help, I can pay for the Skype sessions, and hopefully help my bird. I do not know if anyone checks these comments, but I truly hope so. If anyone knows how to help sign up, I will try to check my email and the other comments. Thanks.


    1. Dear Regina!,

      How are you doing. Thank you for your comment. We are more than happy to assist you with your bird snowdrop and we completley understand your struggle with your bird. Your not alone!, we are here to assist you every step of the way an make things easier for you!. To sign up for our Skype sessions, go up on the top right and click on dashboard, then click skype sessions and scroll down and u will see a contact forum, fill in the details and we will email you shortly!. We are more than happy to help you tame snowdrop. Usually we would recommend our VIP Video Package but since you have a customized problem and need advice, Professional Animal Activist hani is the best one to assist you through skype sessions! – BT Website Admin


  7. junaid

    please help me. i bought 1 cockateil. he/she is very scard from me and not even speak something. just stil still at one place. age is about 4-5 month.


    1. Dear Junaid,
      Welcome to the bird tameness community, thank you for getting in touch with us. I understand the problem you are having with your Cockatiel and I will be more than happy to assist you with this. Training a bird wherever it comes from requires time, patience and consistency and With our VIP Video Section, you will receive access to a Secret Training System which will definitely help ease those difficulties and train your bird in absolutely NO TIME so that the bird will not be scared from you!!! Always there to help with your concerns.

      Website Admin


    1. Welcome to the bird tameness community, thank you for getting in touch with us. I will be more than happy to assist you! Yes, you can! I would highly recommend that you checkout our Skype Sessions and get immediate advice from Professional Expert Hani which will guide you through training. For more details, please visit Skype Sessions under our dashboard! Always here to help the Bird Lovers.

      Website Admin


  8. enis123987

    I have tow budgies male and a female
    The male is all day around the female and he runs away.I got the male first he was traind he ca step up he takes food from my hand but now he is around the female.HELO


  9. Bee53

    Hi I have a female cockatiel, she is just under a year and a half old and is not tame. Can she still be tamed? She hisses at me however I can feed her seeds and millet but she doesn’t eat directly from the palm of my hand she takes it from my fingers. What would you recommend I do? I am getting a training stand, clicker, target stick and possibly new cage for her. What should I do, please help. Really impressed with the feedback you are getting from the people you have helped.


  10. Rajiv khanna

    Hi .i am planning to purchase a 1 yr old alexandrine parrot .i am from.india i am.interested in ur skype sessions .i really appreciate the great work u guys are doing at bt .and love your you tube channel .even though i know ur charging people for a good cause still would like to ask is there are any discounts that u are offering for ur skype sessions .pls let me know


    1. Hi there !. Thank you for choosing bird Tameness and congrats on finding us. We hope you made your research about getting your new family member and we are proud to have you in the bird world. Yes we do have summer promotion for everything except skype sessions however we will be happy to assist you and offer you a 20% OFF any skype session package you choose. Simply order it and we will discount it once we receive your order !~ FOR THE BIRDS, FOR THE PARROTS ~ Bird Tameness Team


  11. Hello I have a quick question, I don’t want to spend out a tonne of money on sorting a little issue but I have an indian ringneck of 4 months old and the lady I got it from was horrible and I could say that in a few other words, when I went there she had a little avory for 3 the mum the dad and the baby, she decided she will try to catch the ringneck using a fishing net… Yes a fishing net which I questioned right away her reply was (he might bite me like the other f***er did so I said I will get him she said no so right away I felt sorry for him and she slammed him against the side of the avory with the fishing net and put him in the carrier I had, she then said do u want him I said I’m not leaving him here when your like that with him so I paid 150 pound for the parrot, and took the parrot home, I put him in a fairly large cage with some toys and let him settle, the next day after some “blood, sweat and tears I had him stepping up, in fact he was doing better than I expected, we are now 4 days down the line but he don’t like going any lower than my shoulders and flys off and won’t go on my shoulders which is confusing because my 2 bidgies love it on my shoulders, also he won’t take any food from me and just fly away like it is a threat I’ve tried every treat as my parents and gran parents own pet store and he has everything he could want and is very happy but he is also very quiet, I hope you can help,
    Many thanks!


    1. Dear Gabby, welcome to the #1 Bird Training Community. We will be more than happy assist you. We would suggest you go ahead and get a Skype Session registered with our most Professional Bird Trainer, Parrot Whisperer who will take you on a 1-ON-1 Intensive powerful training session to tame your cockatiels.since we are on a mission to help as many Bird lovers as possible, you can register and send in your details box “BT20%” and you will recieve a one time 20% discount 🙂 !

      Educating bird lovers globally

      Bird Tameness Team


  12. Coder

    Again Hello bird tameness.. I just watched the videos you made to train and gain the trust of my budgies and I really want to meet the parrot whisperer that being said I cant afford on buying a package for I am only a 7th grader and sadly my parents are gone its only me and my grandfather and he cant afford the money.. We live in the Philippines that bieng said it would take us a hundred thousand pesos and up inorder to convert it into a US dollar.. If you would be so kind to help it would be such a great blessing for and my only companion I dont want him to be given away.


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