Ultimate Bird Training Package

Ultimate Bird Training Package


Welcome to the Ultimate Bird Training Package !

Due to high demand of having several consistent sessions of Skype with one of our Professional Bird Trainers, we introduced our LATEST Ultimate Bird Training Package. This is our most recommended and demanded Package and was launched after several Bird lovers were demanding more sessions. This has been the one which Bird lovers have had massive success and progress in. It consists of a 6 session package or a 12 session package.

What is the Ultimate Bird Training Package?

The Ultimate Bird Training Package is an Intensive and powerful set of 12 Bird Training Sessions with one of our chosen Professional Bird Trainers. The Ultimate Bird Training Session offers one-on-one Private Bird Training Sessions with a Specialized Bird Trainer chosen to your sessions, with an additional feature not found in our regular Skype Sessions which is LIVE Video permitting demonstration bird training where you and the chosen Specialized Bird Trainer can demonstrate the bird training making it far more convenient and comprehensive. Once a bird lover signs up for the Ultimate Bird Training Package, the Bird Tameness Expert Team collects data about the bird lovers’ problem, struggles, needs and expectations and formulates a step-by-step, powerful, instructional Bird Training System where your chosen Specialized Bird Trainer will guide you on the process of successfully taming and training your bird from scratch to becoming a fully-trained bird.

Is it guaranteed?

The Ultimate Bird Training Package has been tested on several test groups of bird lovers

and produced positive results beyond expectations. Because it involves Video and a Customized Secret Training System prepared by the Bird Tameness Expert Team and targeted to specific birds’ problems, it is guaranteed that it will fulfill all your needs, meet your expectations and solve all your bird training struggles.

Do not take our word, listen from a few of the many bird lovers who took the Ultimate Package,  


“My Bird, Jacob, would not come out of his cage before the Ultimate Package, unless he got scared out of his cage like when I would sneeze,The Ultimate package exceeded my expectations, Jacob now listens to me and steps up on my arm on command which I never expected.Jacob has improved greatly because I can now enjoy holding him on my arm and he doesn’t scream as much as he use to, he’s out of his cage and he’s happier then ever.I would definitely recommend the Ultimate Package to any one struggling with taming their bird/parrot. It will really help.”



“The package has been of use in two distinct ways, firstly it reitterated to me the the importance of structure and routine, this is an area that I personally have always resisted. However by applying it to the bird training it has inadvertantly enabled me to incorporate these into my life as well.

There were also some useful tips on how to bond better with the bird such as putting food in paper and scrunching it up for him to forage with and how to encourage interaction through playing with a rope together.

The other area that helped was the reccomendations of covering his cage and tree so he stayed on me and learned to trust sitting on my hand and shoulder.

He was already stepping up internittently and I could sit him on my shoulder and was already taking him out for walks. He is still very territorial around his cage although the bitting is much less it has become posturing and barking 🙂

He has started to scream more now that he bites less which although does not hurt my hands it certainly hurts my ears:)

He still makes no effort to interact with me other than screaming and everything is a product of my initiation. I do understand that bird training is a slow process though.

I found PW to be very helpful and genuinely interested in checking up on how the training was going and suggesting little changes if neccessary. More than anything; what PW gave me was the neccessary support I needed to develop confidence wih Denzils training.”



“Thank You so much bird Tameness for helping me achieve all my goals in taming and training my birds!, Parrot Whisperer you rock it all man!, Thanks a lot for everything all the tips and tricks changed my relationship with my bird for good ! . Any bird lover facing a problem, seriously do what i did, register for this !”



“Alex wanted to say thank you !. He says his flock and he are much happier”



“u guys r just great nd amazing this is the photo of my birds progress my bird charlie progressed a lot thank u a lot guys.”



“I was not so sure about this at first, but i am so glad i was brave enough to try it, because i did the right choice of choosing the Ultimate Bird Training packag e from bird tameness, i can never be more grateful. My bird and his mommy are the happiest people on earth !. Thank you so much Bird Tameness and Parrot Whisperer”

cockatoo 2

Saed Resvi

I was suffering a lot before Bird Tameness with my cockatoo. He was biting my ears, my wife’s toes and had loads of jealousy issues. Also he was completely aggressive with my kids and did not want anything to do with them. I almost gave away the birds but then found Bird Tameness. Within 12 sessions, my cockatoo is now much less aggressive, he is tamed and he is completely ok with my wife. I am beyond thankful for bird tameness and especially parrot whisperer for all his help. Because of this awesome team, i am able to enjoy a good successful relationship with my pet. Thank you so much. Kisses from me and preeti !


To register, please fill out the following form 


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    1. Hello !. Welcome to the #1 bird training community. Simply fill up the form at the bottom of the “Ultimate Package” where it says “To register, please fill up the following form.”once done we will send you an invoice from PayPal. Hope this answers your question !. BT website Team


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