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Secret Bird Training System- Sign up 


We understand that a lot of you struggle in training and taming your birds, are not able to afford professional training, and do not want to result in giving away your bird. After years of researching and testing, we prepared a Powerful VIP Video section to solve all your Bird Training Struggles !

BT’s Secret Bird Training System now offers Global bird trainers access to a Step-by-Step Secret Training System that showcases how to tame & train your bird from beginning to teaching your birds some of the greatest tricks such as shake head, wave, rollover, play dead and many more!.

Is your bird untamed?, Does your bird bite?, scream?, Is your bird dominant?, scared?

Do Not Panic, this page is the right place to be!. Whether your bird is Tamed or Untamed, this system you through several sections, subsections and steps with which you will be able to tame and train your bird from scratch to becoming a fully trained bird in a matter of few weeks!.

What is BT’s Secret Bird Training System?

BT’s Secret Bird Training System is a “Do it yourself” system designed and put together by Bird Tameness’ Expert Team and Professional Bird Trainer, Parrot Whisperer himself which is a combination of a step-by-step instructional Bird Training System that combines chosen videos from our 260 videos on YouTube, Exclusive videos not available to the Public, Exclusive step-by-step articles which are all combined and ordered respectively into steps within lessons within sections. It goes through what you should do when you first get your Bird, Introduction to Bird Training, Intermediate Bird Training and Advanced Trick Training. Those who have 2 months access usually reach Intermediate Training and those with 6 Months Access usually complete Advanced Trick Training and receive a 35 Minute “Follow Up-consultation” Session with Professional Bird Trainer, Parrot Whisperer either before or after completing the Secret Bird Training System.



saed Resvi with his cockatoo after our Secret Bird Training System June 06 - 2017


For $70.99 USD, $29.99 now. You will receive a 1 month access to this section!(LIMITED time).

For  180USD, $ 99.00 now. You will receive access to Premium Secret Bird Training System – 6 Months– and an extended access to Advanced Bird Training to teach your bird great tricks ! + 1 FREE Q & A Skype session with Parrot Whisperer (LIMITED time).

*Note* if you are on the small package and would like to extend in the future you will not qualify for the promotion. Take advantage of our Premium Package discount !

This can and will enhance your bird relationship forever…


birdie 2

Here are some of the many success stories of Bird lovers,

Ibrahim Iqbal

Thank u hani Hallal for the sessions an I will be looking foward to Secret Training System. 

Chad Dixon
hey hani my nephew tried your technique with my parakeet and in 7 hours it could step up and could be petted
 Amber Nightingale
“you have helped me find my bird my bird was abused before I got him you helped me with him my little love bird. I love your work I love YOUR VOICE BE LOWERED SCREAM THEM IF YOU HAVE TO ppl must know about animals everything from training, potty training, flight, eating habits you help me as you helped so many others you helped me to learn to trust my bird. there are horrible ppl out there your voice must be Lowder then everyone else’s. SAVE THE BIRDS SAVE THE ANIMALS SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES . you helped me make my birds life so much better by watching your videos my love bird is happy and loving life where before he wasn’t and you helped save his life in a way…”
“….because of you i know how to handle 3 parrots 2 budgies and a new canary winged parakeet. he cares for so many abused animals. thank you for all your advise. remember how my budgie had scissor beak and mites? after you told me what to do i followed your instructions and now he has a perfect strong beak and no mites. thank you now i have 3 parrots and 7 pets you are amazing.”
Khizer Javed Sheikh
“Man You Really Helped Me Alot Training My Budges 😍 I really Liked Your Work 👍👍”
“…..your knowledge is outstanding i brought a ringneck from somewhere that miss treated it. this bird was crazy i followed everything u said and mine and my birds progress was unbelievable
Christina Dias
“Like, a week ago my bird was almost afraid of me and he is rubbing his beak all over my hand right now. I probably couldn’t have done that without you.”
Please fill out the following form to register for BT’s Secret Bird Training system,

.In a Few Minutes, You will be able to Access our Secret Training System Page. where your birds life will begin to change…


39 thoughts on “Secret Bird Training System- Sign up

    1. Hi Ali!, Welcome to our Website, great to have you on board.With regards to your problem we would Highly recommend you Sign up for our VIP Membership which will guide you on exactly how to tame your bird from scratch !. Simply register in our section by ticking any of the packages you wish and we will email you shortly!- BT ADMIN


      1. Thank you for notifying us. We apologize for the inconvenience. It has been immediately fixed!. You can go ahead and complete your order.

        Bird Tameness Team


      1. Hi, I signed up fir the secret bird training system and have not received any email. Please help me with this problem


      2. Hi Shahab ! Our website was under maintenance the last 48 hours ! It has just been completed and we are currently processing all orders ! Expect an email within 30 minutes ❤️


        Bird Tameness Website Team 🌎🦅


  1. I just signed up for your Video Package. Thanks for this opportunity. My question: Is it possible to buy a video from you if we feel the need to have a certain one on hand?


    1. Dear Barbara,

      Welcome to the Bird Tameness VIP Member community, congrats on becoming a VIP Member and deciding to change the relationship between you and your feathered kid!. It all starts today. To answer your question, yes for sure. You can contact us via email regarding what video you would need and our support team will be happy to assist you!. ~ BT TEAM


  2. Do you have videos on cockatiels i want to sign up but im not sure if you have training videos on cockatiels.

    Thank you Hani


    1. Hi saif, thanks for getting in touch with us. Yes we do!. Its an Intensive powerful bird training secret system formulated by our Expert Team and Parrot Whisperer himself. In addition, we just put out our summer promotions, go check them out !


  3. I am the owner of a young American Budgie. At first when I had him I was making progress. About a month ago he became afraid of me and won’t let me touch him. I am unable to buy the VIP Package because I am 14 and have no money. I found Parrot Whisperer’s videos but even those don’t seem to be working. I am not sure what to do.


    1. Hi Liz, Thank you for getting in touch with us. We understand the problem you are facing and we would be more than happy to assist you. The Secret bird training system is charged because 1) we cannot favor a person over the other and we recieve many orders and requests 2) the funds go towards rescuing birds and building our community. Since you are very passionate to tame your bird at such a young age like parrot whisperer did and we love to see passionate, eager bird lovers, we want to help you. Go ahead and complete your order and when Bird Tameness team emails you, make sure to mention “LIZPWOFF” which will get you a 40% off!. You can use paypal, credit or debit!. We look forward to assist you 🙂 ~ Bird Tameness Team


  4. I am the owner of a young American Budgie. I began to make progress with him when I first got him. Now he is afraid of me and I can’t even touch him. I can’t get the Video Package because I’m 14 and I don’t have a credit card or anything. I found your videos but even they don’t seem to be working.


    1. Hi Stampy!. Our Secret Bird Training System is a system formulated by our Expert Team and Parrot Whisperer himself which is a step-by-step instructional guide to tame and train your bird. It has helped hundreds of bird lovers and can certainly change the relationship between you and your bird if you are patient and consistent!. We recommend you sign up for our NEW Summer promotion which will also provide you with a 1 FREE Skype session with our Top Professional Bird Trainer, Parrot Whisperer. We hope to assist you soon! ~ Bird Tameness Team


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