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Secret Bird Training System- Sign up 


We understand that a significant number of bird owners struggle in taming and training their birds, are not able to afford professional training, and do not want to result in giving away their birds. After years of researching, field testing and experimenting with tons of bird species, we prepared a powerful Secret Bird Training System to solve all your Bird Training Struggles !

BT’s Secret Bird Training System now offers bird owners all around the world the access to a Step-by-Step, Instructional Secret Bird Training System that showcases how to tame and train your bird from scratch to teaching your birds some of the greatest tricks of all time such as shake head, wave, rollover, play dead, put the ball in the basketball hoop and many more!.

Is your bird untamed?,

Does your bird bite?, Scream?,

Is your bird authoritative over you?,

Do Not Panic, this page is the right place to be! Whether your bird is Tamed or Untamed, this system takes you through several sections, subsections and steps with which you will be able to tame and train your bird from scratch to becoming a fully trained bird in a matter of a few weeks!

What is BT’s Secret Bird Training System?

BT’s Secret Bird Training System is a “Do it yourself” system designed and put together by Bird Tameness’ Expert Team and Professional Bird Trainer, Parrot Whisperer himself, which is a combination of a step-by-step instructional Bird Training System that combines chosen videos from our 270 videos on YouTube, Exclusive videos not available to the Public, Exclusive step-by-step articles which are all combined and ordered respectively into steps within lessons within sections. It goes through what you should do when you first get your Bird, Introduction to Bird Training, Intermediate Bird Training, Advanced Trick Training, Bonding and dealing with common behavioral issues of parrots such as screaming, feather-plucking, separation anxiety and so much more. Those who have 2 month access, usually reach Intermediate Training and those with 6 months access usually complete Advanced Trick Training and receive a 30 Minute FREE “Follow Up-consultation” Session with our Top Professional Bird Trainer & Animal Activist, Parrot Whisperer either before or after completing the Secret Bird Training System. The choice is up to individual bird owners that are registered for BT’s Premium Secret Bird Training system (6 months).

Will this work? I’m not sure if this is for me?!

397 bird owners are currently registered with BT’s Secret Bird Training System-up to date-(December 23, 2017) and we have a 95% success rate. Hundreds of bird lovers, all with individual bird training issues, have been writing to us about their massive successes with their birds after taking BT’s Secret bird training system. We are positive that after you take BT’s Bird Training System, you will learn a whole lot about your bird that you never thought you would ever know !


For $50.99, $29.99 now. You will receive a 1 month access to this section (LIMITED time) Scroll to the very bottom to register.

For  199.99, $ 99.00 now. You will receive access to Premium Secret Bird Training System – 6 Months– and an extended access to Advanced Bird Training to teach your bird great tricks ! + 1 FREE Q & A Skype session with Parrot Whisperer (LIMITED time) Scroll to the very bottom to register.

*Note* if you are on the small package and would like to extend in the future you will not qualify for the promotion. Take advantage now of our Premium Package discount !

This can and will enhance your bird relationship forever…

Scroll to the very bottom to register…

Don’t listen to us, listen to a few of the success stories of  bird owners, each with their own unique needs…


Waleed Mahir                                      
December 22, 2017                     

I would like to send extreme thanks to the entire team for putting such a great system together. I was first very skeptical, but after signing up, the team was very quick to respond and provide me with all the information i needed. Prior to BT’s Secret Bird Training system, my African Grey parrot “Paco” was very aggressive to me, he would bite, scream and worst of all he was a BIG plucker. Fast forward 3 weeks later, my congo parrot “Paco” is now stepping-up, he accepts kisses from and his screaming has reduced A LOT. More importantly, after taking the 30 minute free consultation session with the bird expert, Parrot Whisperer, paco has reduced feather-plucking and is doing much much better than before. I am really so thankful for the existence of this system as it changed my bird’s life.

Catherine Collins                                    
December 21, 2017
I took BT’s Secret Bird System in October 2017 and i was really struggling to tame my macaw. He would bite a lot until he drew blood (and it was a lot). I really did not want to give up on my bird and didn’t know where or how to start until i found BT’s Secret Bird system. This system has really helped clear my vision of bird training and provide me with the proper direction to correctly tame my macaw. I was able to reach to the point that my macaw stopped biting completely (yes, i still cannot believe i’m saying this) and he is now so much more affectionate and loving to me. I am very thankful for this system as it truly changed my view of parrots and saved me from giving away my macaw. Thanks to all the Team ❤ 
Julia Jerkins                                    
December 15, 2017

I took the secret bird training system for my budgie “dolphin.” he used to be so affectionate to me. He would kiss me, love me, let me cuddle him and everything, until one day i went for a two month vacation in Mexico and when i came back he was a totally different bird. He started biting, he once drew blood by cutting a part of my lip, he would be very cage territorial, he would not step-up and would just keep biting to the point that i was bleeding. TRUST ME his bites hurt a lot !!! This is when i decided to take the secret bird training system. It literally saved my life !!! I am so thankful and grateful for such an amazing system. The system helped me to restart all my bird training for dolphin from the very beginning. I followed every single step and lesson as it is and applied it to dolphin. First i didn’t see success but through persistence and commitment to the process i showily started seeing leaps of improvement until i started with the next section. The next section’s progress for dolphin BLEW ME AWAY. I was so surprised on how well he did and now i understand why its put together in such a way. Dolphin now steps up, steps down, stopped biting and is back to his old cuddly self. OH MY GOSH, IM SOOOOOOO HAPPY !!! In addition, he actually started learning new tricks that this system teaches. He learned “shake” already and now he is learning to “wave.” I strongly recommend this system for any bird owner struggling, it literally BLEW ME AWAY. Thank you to Bird Tameness and Parrot Whisperer

Tina Roberts                                      
September 3, 2017
 Hello, my name is Tina. I took the secret system in September, 2017 and it was for my aggressive lovebird. Here is a little history:
My lovebird used to be a big biter, he used to be so aggressive to anyone or anything since the day i bought him from the pet store. He even hated when we changed his food containers, he would run after our fingers and keep biting. It didn’t draw blood but it felt like a nasty pinch. I really tried everything and nothing would work. None of the videos on youtube, none of the articles i read, literally nothing. 
I then decided to try this secret system. I first skipped a few steps because i was impatient and i didn’t see any progress so here is where i upgraded my package to a 2 month package so i can have more time. I decided to follow the steps this time patiently and without skipping anything and started too see more and more progress. First my lovebird started to respond better (btw his name is Rico), Rico started to try to step up on my hand while i hand-feed him. Showily by time, Rico decided to try to step up and i made sure that it was such a POSITIVE experience. After a lot of repetitions, Rico eventually built the courage to step-up very well. As for the biting, it gradually reduced after implementing the tips that the secret system mentions. Now, after 2 months he is stepping-up, not biting anymore and i just started to teach him some tricks. I will upgrade to the Premium Secret system, the 6 months one, because this really does work and i want to thank you all ! I recommend this to anyone 🙂
Mohammed Hakim                                          
September 1, 2017

Hello my friends. I decided to take Bird Tameness’ secret bird training system because since the day i bought my parrot from Kijiji, he has been a nightmare to me and my kids. He would bite me a lot and very aggressively, he would bite my kids’ ears and he was just very dominant over everyone. He did step-up and sit on our shoulder but as soon as he was there, the biting started and it would go on as long as he was on our shoulder. After 2 months of taking this intensive training, my ring-neck now stopped biting and he’s so gentle. Its like a completely different bird. To this day i swear to god, i cannot believe this bird was before an aggressive bird. I wanted to thanks Parrot Whisperer and the bird tameness crew for this great system. It really made a big difference in my and my kids life and i am thankful for that. God bless you all !

Liam Cutter                                           
August `13, 2017
Hello, i am liam. A little bit about myself:
  • I work in a automotive company
  • I love birds. I own 3 cockatiels and a galah cockatoo
  • I love painting. I do it on the side.
  • I am a family man and have 2 gorgeous daughters and a son

I took Bird Tameness’ secret bird system in August, 2017 and i took it because i wanted to learn more about my cockatiel. My cockatiel was tamed and did step-up but she really had this nack where she didn’t like anyone touching her or petting her which i found a struggle because i really wanted my family, especially my kids, to bond with her, so here is where BT’s secret system came in. I decided to neglect the fact that she is tamed and start from scratch to make sure i do not have any “gabs in bird training” as the Parrot Whisperer says. I took the 2 month package and followed all the steps as mentioned. 2 Months later i learned SO SO SO much about my cockatiel and she now not only accepts being petted, but also accepts cuddles, kisses and has learned flight-recall. I am grateful for what this system offers and my kids send BIG MASSIVE Thanks to Bird Tameness team for such a great secret bird training system and for everything they do. I am about to upgrade to the Premium Package. Massive thanks from the Cutters Family ❤ 🙂 😀

Angela Song                                           
August 1, 2017
 Dear Bird Tameness and all,
I made a decision to take BT’s secret bird training system because i was struggling with my green-cheek conure. He was tamed but i had 2 issues. 1. He would bite a lot, and had huge jealousy issues with one of my young daughters (in the picture below). 2. I did not know what or where to start with training him. After taking the system and putting a lot of work into it, i was able to get him to love Julia (my younger daughter), stop being jealous and hes now learning loads of tricks ! He learned wave, he learned to open his wings on command (eagles trick/wings trick) and now he is learning to put the ball in the basketball hoop. I love this system. It is SO EASY to follow and very neatly done. I am on the Premium package so i have a long way to go and i’m so excited to train my green-cheek conure loads of new tricks. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE. Here is a picture of julia enjoying with her new buddy.
Amy Smith                                          
July 28, 2017
 Hey everyone. I wanted to share my experience with the secret bird training system that Bird Tameness offers. I had my galah cockatoo for 6 years and she was brought in as a rescue from an owner who neglected her. The owner had so many other birds but this galah was so neglected in terms of her physical and mental health so long story short, i decided to give her a new life after adopting her from the rescue. I had done a lot of research and watched so many videos especially those of Parrot Whisperer’s but clearly i was not prepared to house a rescued, neglected galah. I was really so confused on what to do, where to start or how to start my bird training until i found this system. I kid you not, i have bought 2 bird books from, 2 bird training DVDs from and a session with another bird trainer (not from bird tameness) and NOTHING HAS WORKED. Now when i started the secret bird training system from bird tameness, i had already given up and so i emailed parrot whisperer that i really need to speak to him. Bird Tameness was so kind to connect me with him directly on skype for free and i explained how much i love this galah and want the best for her. He re-assured me and gave me so much confidence and motivation to work on the system. 6 Months later, i am here enjoying an amazing relationship with my galah. She is now fully tamed, she accepts head scratches (petting) and i am now working on stopping her from biting. I have so much confidence that this system will help me achieve everything i want for my galah and i am in tears because i have no words to describe how THANKFUL AND BLESSED i feel. Thank you a hundred times Bird Tameness and Parrot Whisperer for giving me all the support i need, for showing me that i can do it, for skyping with me and just doing what you do. I am FOREVER THANKFUL FOR THIS…. ❤ ❤ ❤ :*
Daljeet Haleem
July 15, 2017
 Hello BT Team. I wanted to send huge tanks to all of you for helping me tame my macaw. When i first started with the secret system, i was unable to toucb my macaw, interact with my macaw or do anyting with him. I was so frustrated, angry at myself and feel like i am a bad owner. I then decided to take the secret system because i read many good positive reviews about it. After 6 months of taking the Premium system, i am able to cuddle my macaw, my macaw is now tame and i understand him so so so much compared to before. I can say i became a master of reading his body cues and understanding what he wants. I am so tankful to all of you for this system and i very highly recommend this to anyone with a bird or birds that is struggle.
macaw one
Marcus Cruz
June 20, 2017
Hi guys, my name is Marcus Cruz and i am very proud to write this review for Bird Tameness. I will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. I rescued my cockatiel about 8 years ago from the streets where he was almost starving to death. I did not know what to do or how to take care of birds whatsoever (i am a dog guy) so i decided to do a lot of research and stumbled upon Parrot Whisperer’s videos. I followed them every step of the way and started to see a lot of progress, but i really needed something that will guide me step-by-step how to tame him so here is when i found Bird Tameness’ Secret Bird Training system. Before the system, my cockatiel was scare shitl*** of me and of any object or person. After 2 months with Bird Tameness’ Secret Bird Training system, my cockatiel has gotten used to me, my family, steps-up, steps-down, does the wave trick and is learning so many more tricks. I cannot thank bird tameness enough for this, because of them, my cockatiel is so much happier and i am a proud owner. I really really recommend this to any striving bird owner as it will truly change your bird’s life.
pic 11
Mathias Little
June 3, 2017
I have a 10 year old Amazon parrot that i have been struggling with since he was 5. He was just so mean and kept biting everyone except me. He was a very one-person type of bird and hated anyone else. He would bite and bite and scream at them until they left the room which was a big issue since i lived with a family. This is when i decided to seek help from Bird Tameness and i signed up for their 1 month Secret Bird Training System. The Secret Bird Training system is so easy to follow and it is structured in such a way that will cover everything required in training and taming a bird. 1 month later i am STUNNED by the progress my Amazon has been doing. Training him with other people helped calm him down TREMENDOUSLY and he now is so much more accepting of other people. In 5 years of having him, i never thought for a second he would change, but because of this system, he is now improving dramatically and i am so proud of him. I wanted to give a BIG shoutout to Bird Tameness and Parrot Whisperer for such a well-constructed system that changed my bird’s life. I do recommend this for any bird owner that is having troubles with their bird(s). Here is a picture of my dad and my Amazon getting along for the first time in 5 years 😀
pic 10
Eddie Randolph
May 30, 2017
Ok, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Eddie and i own my own business. I have a family of 5 and i love my family to death. I introduced a 13 year old feathered kid to my family 3 years ago and we were all so excited when we knew that a cockatoo was going to become part of our family. The cockatoo was tamed and we were told that he is an amazing family member and would fit in perfectly. I bought him online from Kijiji for  $1800. Once he arrived, everything was as promised and he was tamed as i was told; however, time proved a huge issue that started to linger in my family. This cockatoo was yes tamed, he did accept cuddles, he did like head scratches but he HATED women and kids. He had massive jealousy issues and he would run after my kids’ toes and bite them until they bleed. My wife was traumatized by him after he lunged at her face and bit her. After that situation, she has never come close to him and i was extremely frustrated. I then started to look online for solutions with no success until i decided to try out BT’s secret bird training system. 2 Months into the system and i am astonished and surprised with the amazing progress my cockatoo has done. He now gets the attention he deserves and is no longer biting my kids. My wife was able to ask him to step-up and had no issues whatsoever. He has improved dramatically and the progress is beyond what words can explain. I definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with their cockatoo because i am so thankful and about to upgrade to the 6 month package. Thank you Bird Tameness, Thank you Parrot Whisperer-you are truly phenomenal.
pic 2

Please fill out the following form to register for BT’s Secret Bird Training system,


.In a Few Minutes, You will be able to Access our Secret Training System Page. where your birds life will begin to change…


39 thoughts on “Secret Bird Training System- Sign up

    1. Hi Ali!, Welcome to our Website, great to have you on board.With regards to your problem we would Highly recommend you Sign up for our VIP Membership which will guide you on exactly how to tame your bird from scratch !. Simply register in our section by ticking any of the packages you wish and we will email you shortly!- BT ADMIN


      1. Shahab

        Hi, I signed up fir the secret bird training system and have not received any email. Please help me with this problem


      2. Hi Shahab ! Our website was under maintenance the last 48 hours ! It has just been completed and we are currently processing all orders ! Expect an email within 30 minutes ❤️


        Bird Tameness Website Team 🌎🦅


  1. Barbara Srivastava

    I just signed up for your Video Package. Thanks for this opportunity. My question: Is it possible to buy a video from you if we feel the need to have a certain one on hand?


    1. Dear Barbara,

      Welcome to the Bird Tameness VIP Member community, congrats on becoming a VIP Member and deciding to change the relationship between you and your feathered kid!. It all starts today. To answer your question, yes for sure. You can contact us via email regarding what video you would need and our support team will be happy to assist you!. ~ BT TEAM


    1. Hi saif, thanks for getting in touch with us. Yes we do!. Its an Intensive powerful bird training secret system formulated by our Expert Team and Parrot Whisperer himself. In addition, we just put out our summer promotions, go check them out !


  2. Liz Kepple

    I am the owner of a young American Budgie. At first when I had him I was making progress. About a month ago he became afraid of me and won’t let me touch him. I am unable to buy the VIP Package because I am 14 and have no money. I found Parrot Whisperer’s videos but even those don’t seem to be working. I am not sure what to do.


    1. Hi Liz, Thank you for getting in touch with us. We understand the problem you are facing and we would be more than happy to assist you. The Secret bird training system is charged because 1) we cannot favor a person over the other and we recieve many orders and requests 2) the funds go towards rescuing birds and building our community. Since you are very passionate to tame your bird at such a young age like parrot whisperer did and we love to see passionate, eager bird lovers, we want to help you. Go ahead and complete your order and when Bird Tameness team emails you, make sure to mention “LIZPWOFF” which will get you a 40% off!. You can use paypal, credit or debit!. We look forward to assist you 🙂 ~ Bird Tameness Team


  3. Liz Kepple

    I am the owner of a young American Budgie. I began to make progress with him when I first got him. Now he is afraid of me and I can’t even touch him. I can’t get the Video Package because I’m 14 and I don’t have a credit card or anything. I found your videos but even they don’t seem to be working.


    1. Hi Stampy!. Our Secret Bird Training System is a system formulated by our Expert Team and Parrot Whisperer himself which is a step-by-step instructional guide to tame and train your bird. It has helped hundreds of bird lovers and can certainly change the relationship between you and your bird if you are patient and consistent!. We recommend you sign up for our NEW Summer promotion which will also provide you with a 1 FREE Skype session with our Top Professional Bird Trainer, Parrot Whisperer. We hope to assist you soon! ~ Bird Tameness Team


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